International Steiner Preschool Teacher training course in Hanoi



2016 – Aug 2018

  • Thanh Cherry (Australia/Vietnam),
  • Dawn Zabala (Ai-len)
  • Barbara Baldwin (Australia),
  • Shirley Bell (Australia),
  • Abhisiree Charanjavanaphet (Thailand),
  • Elesabeth Swisher (USA),
  • Louise deForest (USA),
  • Jill Taplain (UK),
  • Kathy MacFarland (New Zealand),
  • Kirsten Ramsden (US/ Australia),
  • John Stolfo (US/Hong Kong),
  • Li Zhang (China),… etc.


  • (*) IASWECE, the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education is an international association for Steiner preschools; each member country is allowed to choose a single organization that represents their country. IASWECE sets out the most rigorous standards of Steiner education, granting degrees and certificates to all teachers and preschools that meet the international Steiner education standards. Website:
  • Interpreters are available at all classes (except for Mrs. Thanh Cherry’s module since she can speak Vietnamese).



  1. Certificates granted by Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teaching Seminar (*).
  • With 672 hours of theory, 112 hours of standing practice, and more than 480 hours of practice of large assignments (including more than 10 projects), students will receive a Steiner preschool teacher certificate granted by Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teaching Seminar. This qualification is recognized by the Australian government. Qualified teachers can teach in both public and private schools in Australia as well as the entire network of Steiner schools in Australia and Vietnam.

(*)Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teaching Seminar ( has been organizing Steiner teacher training courses in Australia for more than 40 years. Not only do teachers pursue Steiner education here, but many from public and private schools across Australia also participate in Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teaching Seminar courses to get degrees accredited by the entire Australian educational system.


  1. Certificates granted by the International Association of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE).
  • With the same above conditions, if students complete an internship course at one of IASWECE standard Steiner preschools, they will receive an IASWECE certificate. This qualification is recognized worldwide. Teachers will be qualified to teach at all Steiner preschools around the world and accepted by public educational systems in some countries.
  • There are currently no preschools/kindergartens in Vietnam that meet the standards of IASWECE. A good command of English is required for abroad internship.



35,000,000 VND scholarship per student.

Students pay a total amount of 90,000,000 VND for the entire course (not including travel expenses and meals during abroad internshipinst).

Students can participate in a few selected modules (certificates will not be granted): A 20,000,000 VND tuition is paid per module when registering.

Students with scholarships pay a total amount of 55,000,000 VND/course, or 15,000,000VND per module in case students only take certain modules.

Course fees are paid in three installments.

  • First installment: pay 40% of fees when registering.
  • Second installment: pay 30% of fees before starting module 2.
  • Third installment: pay the remaining 30% before starting module 3.

Fees according to modules are paid when registering and before the start of each module.



  1. Huong; Hanoi Steiner Kindergarten, 32 block 2A, Trung Yen 11, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi. Email: [email protected]. Phone number: (04) 6682 8588.
  2. Dung; Erato School of Music and Performing Arts, 30A Doan Thi Diem, Quoc Tu Giam ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi. Phone number: 0938709050.