While the Vietnamese educational system is struggling and lacks a clear and thorough educational philosophy, while developed societies such as America and Japan are facing various development problems due to a lack of insight into humans, we have approached Steiner education and found a simple and lucid philosophy about the human being – the free and compassionate human being. Freedom means freedom from authority, freedom from rewards and punishment, freedom from attachment to the ego in order to freely grow in joy. Compassion means the child learns to respect every individual, learns to help their friends grow, lives in gratitude and respect not only for humans but also for life and all kinds of creatures.

This education has an even more distinct aspect to it: an educational philosophy is not something merely talked about or imagined; Steiner’s educational philosophy is consistently expressed in every lesson, every subject, and every human involved in the educational environment.

Surpassing materialism, nationalism and the idea of a global citizen, Steiner education gives each child an opportunity to grow in love and inner discipline so that the child will first become a human with passion and a capacity to incessantly pursue his or her own passion to be happy, and afterwards a free human, a compassionate human in a harmonious relationship with all expressions of life.

In such a spirit, we hope that from our small kindergarten inspiration can spread far and wide so that many parents and many individuals working in education can be encouraged to continue their path alongside their companions so as to create longlasting values for children and ourselves.

Why Steiner?
Why rhythm?
Why the repetition
  of lessons?
Why open-ended,
   self-directed play?
Why watercolor?
Why the lyre instead
  of electronic sounds?
Why handcrafts,
   and handmade toys?
Why baking, gardening,
  and playing in the wild nature?
Why completely natural materials,
  and 100% organic food?
Why encouring children to be adventurous?
Why no rewards or punishment?
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26 October 2019
School cleaning and safe water workshop
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Koi kindergarten
5 October 2019
Parents gardening
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School garden
July 2019
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Two weeks of July 2019
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International Steiner training at Hanoi: Jul 2018
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International Steiner training at Hanoi: Mar 2018
Two weeks of March 2018