School cleaning and safe water workshop

Dear Koi parents

Inviting parents to Koi to attend school activities this Saturday, including 2 parts:
Part 1:
Mother Hannah Dien Chan spends 1.5 hours to share about the “Clean Water Solution” at the school for all Koi parents and staff who are interested in the “clean water” issue.

Ms. Hannah said: “Thanks to this knowledge, my family is assured about the water issue when deciding to live in Hanoi.”

Content to share
Ơ The establishment chooses which water is worth the extra money instead of using only standard domestic water.
✍ Which criteria do you use to evaluate water filters?
✍ How to remain in Vietnam with water quality that meets Japanese medical standards, higher than the quality of domestic water in Australia?
✍How to know about daily water quality change?
And more…
Time: 09:00 – 10:30 am Saturday, November 26 at Koi school

Part 2:
In addition, this Saturday morning, the school has an activity of “expanding the playing angle for children” which includes the following contents:

Renovate the garden
Redesign and add play angles for children
Refine the general scene

Parents can arrange a time to come and join the school.
Starting time: 07:00 Saturday morning.

Cordially invited!